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GHG Projects registration platform

The BioCarbon Platform is linked to Blockchain nodes of the IDB (LACCHAIN), where transactions' information is stored securely and immutably.

LACChain has been listed as the architect in reference by the International Telecommunication Union, a specialized agency on information and communication technologies of the United Nations.

Members and representatives of the Alliance are executing a proactive and decided attitude in the main institutional blockchain forums, collaborating with the creators of the most advanced standards in the adoption proposals of this technology.



Through the platform, account holders can self-manage the registration of projects, and make transfers and retirement of Verified Carbon Credits (VCC).



Once the registration information is submitted through the platform, the certification and registration times are reasonable. These will mainly depend on the agility of responding to the potential findings made by the BioCarbon technical team.



The information registered on the BioCarbon platform, which must be available for consultation, is published in real-time in the Public Registry of the BioCarbon website.



Users can consult and review the status of all their transactions by assigning a user ID and a project ID, which partially built the serial number of each VCC.



Automated accounting mechanisms ensure reliability in monitoring the status of CCV accounts.
The measures that BioCarbon applies to avoid Double Accounting can be consulted in this LINK.



Account-holders sign their documents through a link provided by VIAFIRMA, BioCarbon's provider of secure electronic signatures.

All documents issued by BioCarbon must bear the authenticated signature stamp issued by THOMAS SIGN ( ADOBE PDF).



The registration platform has the following security measures:

  • Blockchain technology
  • SSL Certificate
  • Double validation factor
  • Secure Password
  • Identity Validation
  • Control of entry attempts and record of last entry
  • Control of cyber threats
  • Development based on secure code programming and OWASP policies

BCR handbook and good practices registry platform

This document outlines the processes that compose the BCR Registration Platform.