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Corporate Governance

Our company's strategic decision includes a governance model to improve its overall performance and lay a solid foundation for business ethics and compliance, always pursuing excellence.

Corporate governance guides the organization's policy based on respect for the objectives, transparency, truthfulness, fair practices, and business behavior according to the ethical principles that guide corporate compliance processes.

BioCarbon has an organizational structure based on the quality and capacity of its team members to meet the expectations of both the organization and its clients and other interested parties.

Founder & CEO

Ángela Duque

Angela is a Forestry Engineer with an MSc in Environmental Economics and Natural Resources. She serves as the visionary Founder and CEO of BioCarbon. Her leadership is characterized by a passionate dedication to driving positive change and creating a lasting impact on the planet. Angela's career is distinguished by her commitment to forging a greener and more sustainable future, making her one of the pioneering figures in carbon and biodiversity markets.

With an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, Ángela brings a wealth of experience in the design, development, validation and verification of greenhouse gas (GHG) projects. Her expertise extends beyond the boardroom, as she has actively contributed to governments, multilateral agencies and organizations in implementing policies related to climate change, biodiversity conservation and sustainability agendas. Angela's technical knowledge, combined with her rigor, integrity and dedication, positions her as a leader in the sector.

Based in Bogotá, Colombia, the country of her birth, when Angela is not hunched over a computer, she is likely tending to her plants, exploring the wonders of the world, or enjoying a glass of wine with friends.

Executive Board

Javier Manzanares

F Javier Manzanares is currently a World Bank's Senior Consultant on Carbon Markets, Co-CEO of Climate Digital Investments and CEO of ALLEN MANZA INC as well as, Board Member of SURECO & Partners and consultant for UNEP-FI, Delphos International and FIIAPP among others.

He started as CFO and became Deputy Executive Director of the Green Climate Fund "GCF" for almost 8 years. Previously, he held the positions of Director and Regional Representative of UNOPS for MERCOSUR, based in Argentina and Manager of the Investment and Development Banking Division at "CABEI/CABEI" based in Honduras. Javier also worked as Executive Vice President of two private banks of Grupo Fierro in Miami and Guatemala. His career in banking and finance began with Banking and finance with Banco Santander/BSCH in the United States, Hong Kong and Japan.   

Javier was the first Chairman of the Board of Directors of “IASE”, the International Association for Sustainable Economy, holds a double MBA from Northwestern University/Kellogg (USA), an EMBA from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology "HKUST" (China), a PhD in Sustainability Management from INHA University in South Korea and he is ESG Certified from Competent Boards

Javier also collaborates with the faculty of ESG, Innovation and Technology and Climate Finance at “IE” Instituto de Empresas, Seoul National University “SNU” and “BS4CL” Business Schools for Climate Leadership.


Chairman EB. Consultant on Carbon Markets

Juan Posada

Juan, a biologist with a Ph.D. in plant optimal resource use from the University of Florida (2003), brings diverse research experiences to BioCarbon. His journey includes postdoctoral stints at the University of Florida, McGill University, and the Université du Québec à Montréal, with a focus on carbon cycling, stress physiology, and tree modeling. Currently a full professor at Universidad del Rosario and a research associate at the Université du Québec à Montréal, Juan is also the scientific leader at TerraSpectrum, a Swiss startup supporting nature-based solutions projects.

In BioCarbon, Juan leverages his expertise in tropical Andean forests, resource optimization in plants, and the carbon and biodiversity credits system. Based in Colombia, he passionately explores the intricate relationships between human intervention, biodiversity, and the carbon cycle.

Outside the scientific realm, Juan co-leads a network of forest plots and enjoys diverse activities, grounding his commitment to environmental research in both professional and personal realms.

Executive Board Member. Biologist

Miguel Rodríguez

Miguel, with experience since 1981 in the forestry sector, began as Chief of Biological Research at Monterrey Forestal Ltda. His background in sciences allowed him to lead the Forest Management Department in the Pizano group, overseeing Forest Management Certification and Chain of Custody, and developing environmental management processes. He collaborated on national and international studies, applying Clean Development Mechanism standards. He concluded his career as General Manager of Monterrey Forest GWR SAS of Greenwood Resources (USA).

Invited for his expertise, he participated in organizations such as Acofore, CONIF, Fedemaderas, and Camcore at North Carolina State University. Additionally, he served as an advisor for Agricultural Sciences at Colciencias, a lecturer at Javeriana University, and a member of the Species Survival Commission of IUCN.

Now retired, he advises companies and environmental organizations, dedicating his time to planting and caring for his trees, literature, and the history and philosophy of science.

Physiology Applied to Production Systems Expert

Advisory Group

Lucas Zaehringer

Lucas studied Business Administration, Management of Technology and Innovation in France and Germany. He has 10+ years of experience in the energy, chemical and sustainability markets. He spent 8 years leading consulting teams for different global corporate and industrial companies. He founded the association in 2017 which curates the largest directory of blockchain projects and start-ups in the field of sustainability.

His activities and expertise in the space led him to take the position of Lead Climate at the blockchain company Blocksize based out of Frankfurt, Germany. He held in the past 2 years a major role as Lead Europe and Product Manager for the Verity-Tracking joint-venture between Blocksize and a leading US Sustainable Fuels producer (Gevo).

Lucas contributed to develop dMRV Saas solutions to collect, verify and tokenize emission data and other sustainability claims in regenerative agriculture and biofuel value chains. Lucas is member in the BC100+ steering committee promoting blockchain in support of the UN Charter of Values, member of the INATBA (European Blockchain industry Association) Social Impact Working Group as well as Working-group Lead for the Web3 Carbon Ecosystem Mapping at ECOTA, where he established a database of 190 start-ups using blockchain in the carbon value chain. Lucas has also been very engaged within social entrepreneurship networks such as MakeSense or Yunus Social Business.


Yves Mariko

Yves Mariko is currently Chief Economist / Senior Associate of Africa Energy Transition Services (AETS). Originally trained as a researcher in energy and carbon economics, over the last few years Yves has developed significant experience in Africa, both in understanding the operational, technological, and financial challenges associated with decarbonisation for pioneering entities in Africa.

Mariko has played pivotal roles in initiatives such as assisting the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in developing a standardized carbon credit market. Additionally, Mariko has been instrumental in securing financing for significant environmental projects, including supporting the Republic of Chad in financing the Great Green Wall and facilitating sustainable city projects in Côte d'Ivoire, demonstrating his commitment to advancing sustainable development initiatives in the region.


Onur Günduru

As the managing partner of Onur Enerji, he is pursuing his passion for climate change by delivering clean-tech services in a broad range of topics involving energy efficiency, demand response, and renewable energy technologies. He is serving on the board of ENSIA Turkish Clean-Tech Cluster and EYODER.

In his multifaceted professional journey, Onur thrives as a consultant, public speaker, mentor, and investor, focusing on alternative energy, low-carbon economy, and next-generation technologies. His project portfolio encompasses a spectrum of initiatives, including publicly funded energy research, ISO 50001 compliance, energy audits, measurement & verification, energy management, and tailored training programs for clean energy funds, banks, and leasing companies.

With a fervent commitment to combating climate change, Onur spearheads transformation to energy efficiency, clean-tech, and renewable energy technologies.


Our Staff

Stefanny Diaz

Stefanny's journey began with environmental engineering and continued with studies in natural resource management and urban and regional development planning in Africa. She always wanted to internationalize her career. In Tanzania, in addition to admiring the wildlife and culture - always cheerful and proud - she noticed the vulnerability of communities to climate change. Stefanny wants to be part of the solution, working with the government and other sectors to address these vulnerabilities and share her vision across borders.

As Program Manager at BioCarbon, she combines her passion for strategic planning with a multidisciplinary approach. Stefanny leads strategies that align goals with the Paris Agreement and international principles to positively impact the voluntary carbon market.

Based in Izmir, Turkey, Stefanny is constantly exploring different cultures. Outside of work, she finds balance by enjoying nature, historic architecture, and the ever-present smiles of Izmir's people - a unique place that enriches her experiences.

Program Manager

Gabriela Posada

Gabriela's sustainability journey began with her embrace of local consumption and the zero-waste movement. She is characterized by her relentless pursuit of knowledge, immersing herself in self-directed learning through books, workshops and mentorship, supported by a degree in Administration and a Food & Sustainability Certificate.

She is committed to catalyzing positive change at BioCarbon, influencing operations from culture to process with insights from her sustainable lifestyle.

Gabriela plays a central role in formulating and implementing sustainability strategies that align with the company's mission, overseeing environmental initiatives and promoting social sustainability. She also advocates for sustainability within the company and forges partnerships with aligned organizations and initiatives.

Gabriela is based in Montreal, Canada, and in her spare time enjoys yoga, nature, pottery, and good food with friends.

Chief Sustainability Officer

Stefany Garcia

Stefany is an environmental specialist with a master's degree. She is also a worker and a migrant, embodying multiple identities. Her work is inspired by protecting the environment, promoting diversity, and supporting local communities. She began her career in Colombia and then migrated to continue her studies. There she gained a broader understanding of landscapes and ecosystem protection.

She now works with the BioCarbon team as a regional representative for Europe and Asia. Her focus is on supporting initiatives that reduce emissions through certification processes and promoting transparency. She works remotely from Prague, where she has lived for the past five years.

Outside of work, she enjoys reading novels and listening to psychology podcasts. She is also an avid cat lover and hiker.

Regional Representative, Eurasia

Viviana Cardozo

Viviana is a true conservation enthusiast and ecologist, with an emphasis in Atmospheric Sciences and Climate Change. She completed her Master's Degree in Environment and Development from the University for Peace in Costa Rica, where she fell in love with sharks and manta-rays. She did her Master's degree internship with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) at the UN Headquarters in New York, and is currently supporting BioCarbon’s Biodiversity Standard.

Viviana manages the key strategies to promote the issuance of biodiversity credits through biodiversity conservation initiatives worldwide. Viviana dreams that her work and passion will help raise awareness on the importance of protecting our planet’s species and their ecosystems.

In her free time, you can find Viviana exploring the Bogota’s vegan spots and cuddling with her naked cat, Oyá.

Program Support Officer, Biodiversity

Kabaka Mutensa

Kabaka, based in Kampala, Uganda, is a Land Surveyor with a Bachelor of Science in Land Surveying and Geomatics from Makerere University, Uganda. He is also a Regional Development Planner. His motivation for intercontinental studies was to explore multicultural environments, experience new foods and interact with different nationalities from around the world. His professional experience includes working with communities, infrastructure development and land administration in Uganda and across the East African region.

Over time, Kabaka has developed expertise and knowledge of Africa's climate change mitigation strategies and the carbon market agenda. He has driven this agenda by engaging various partners, both public and private, to participate in the carbon market. His ambition is for BioCarbon to support GHG initiatives in accessing carbon credits and assist governments in meeting their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) through the use of the carbon market.

Outside of work, he enjoys soccer and plays for two teams, one in Kampala (Nsiikye Saints) and the other in a small community (Rwenkobe Community) that he supports. He also enjoys partying, traveling, running marathons and exploring new communities and places as well as all that the great outdoors has to offer.

Operations and Engagement Officer, Africa

Elif Yücelir

Elif Yücelir is passionate about the connections between sustainability, net-zero paths for rural empowerment, and food production. During her academic journey at the Department of Food at Ege University, she engaged with initiatives and alternative practices for production and soil biodiversity conservation. She has also enriched her knowledge of carbon footprint and reporting through seminars and courses.

At BioCarbon, Elif facilitates communication with Turkish companies and supports the team in preparing and coordinating events, as well as in direct interaction with the team's professionals. She also supports the program manager during initial interactions with third parties such as consultancies, project owners, markets, and networks aimed at engaging in the carbon market.

Elif lives in Izmir, Turkey, where she regularly finds time for yoga and travel.

Program Assistant

Régulo Martínez

Régulo is a professional in the field of information systems with an emphasis on hardware, networks, and security. His professional journey began in Venezuela, where he led the IT department of companies providing nationwide support services. Throughout his career, he has overseen small teams, offering training in the use of applications, software, data networks, and data backup security systems.

Régulo has consistently been recognized as a resourceful individual who enjoys taking on new challenges to continually learn and perform his job responsibilities optimally. His strong sense of belonging to the company aligns him with the direction of growth and constant evolution, mirroring BioCarbon's trajectory.

Régulo finds joy in family bonds, friendships (considered a friend among friends), and the art of cooking. His love for green nature, particularly mountains, stems from his childhood and numerous road trips.

Manager of Operations & Support IT

Rafael Aristizábal

Rafael is a licensed lawyer with outstanding attributes of leadership, responsibility, and communication skills. He has gained knowledge through his academic training and professional experience as a litigator and consultant for companies in Labor Law, Commercial Law, and Social Security. Additionally, he holds a diploma in Labor Law and is a specialist in Social Security, as well as a legal conciliator.

Currently, he serves as the leader of the legal department at BioCarbon Cert, contributing his expertise in areas such as labor consultancy, commercial consultancy, business management, and the legal support needed for the social development of the company. Rafael is a professional with a strong social sense, initiative, commitment, and innovation.

Passionate about Law, nature, and reading, he has a clear purpose of contributing his knowledge and experience both as a professional and an individual to society. He resides in Jericó, Antioquia, where he shows a passionate interest in cattle farming and reading.

Legal Counsel

Technical Committee

Francy Ramirez

Francy is an Electrical Engineer with an M.Sc. in Environmental Management and advanced studies in social assessment of projects. She is a climate change expert with over 13 years of experience in the validation and verification of GHG mitigation projects and consultancy.

Currently, Francy serves as the Technical Expert in Energy at BioCarbon, where she plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality of projects registering and requesting issuance of certified GHG emission reductions through documentation and process review. She also provides guidance to program users. Francy firmly believes that everyone's effort can help humanity overcome the climate crisis, and this belief frames her work at BioCarbon.

Based in Bogota, Colombia (her birth country), she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter. Her hobbies include reading historical novels and traveling.

Energy sectorial expert

Jahaziel Amaya

Jahaziel is an accomplished professional with a Ph.D. and Postdoctoral Degree from the National University of Colombia. He has enriched his expertise with international experiences in the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Spain, specializing in materials synthesis and characterization with a focus on environmental sustainability.

Jahaziel is passionate about knowledge, demonstrating outstanding skills in communication, collaboration, and unwavering integrity. He firmly believes in the power of science to drive social progress, passionately sharing scientific knowledge across various segments. As an active member of the Technical Committee at BioCarbon, Jahaziel plays a crucial role in researching and developing sustainable solutions to address environmental challenges. His dedication and commitment are essential for advancing towards a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly future.

His personal pursuits include cherishing moments with his family, quiet walks for mental rejuvenation, an appreciation for diverse musical genres, and a love of culinary experiences and travel, exploring different cultures through their unique cuisines.

Scientific methods and chemical process

Cesar Garay

Agricultural Engineer, MSc. Soils & Water Wageningen University and Research Centrum, The Netherlands. He is an expert in managing water and soils. His experience covers hydraulic, hydrological, and hydro-economic modeling, technical and scientific project management. It also includes designing nature-based solutions for flood control and soil erosion, planning climate change adaptation and mitigation measures, remote sensor data processing, and geographic information systems.

Soils & water resources management

Byron Urrego

He is a Forest Engineer from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and has a M.Sc. on Silviculture and Forest Productivity from North Carolina State University. For over 30 years, Byron has worked on tropical and subtropical pine trees breeding, eucalyptus clonal and breeding programs, commercial plantations silviculture, tree nutrition and forest productivity.

During that time Byron has served on technical committees and advisory boards at the Forest Productivity Cooperative and the Central America and Mexico Coniferous Resources Cooperative (CAMCORE) both based at the College of Natural Resources of North Carolina State University, representing the Forestry Research Department of Smurfit Kappa Colombia.

Forest and silviculture production systems